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Backgrounder: On behalf of the Métis National Council, Minister David Chartrand has sought justice for our Second World War (WWII) Métis Veterans for almost two decades.  Our Veterans who had all been forgotten were consistently at the forefront of the Minister’s agenda. After countless hours, meetings and negotiations, the Minister achieved success and an Agreement was signed between the Métis Nation and Canada on June 13, 2019.  

During the Minister’s visits and consultations with our Métis Veterans throughout the homeland, the importance of an apology from Canada was expressed as the highest redemption by all of our Veterans.  On September 10, 2019, Canada formally apologized for the neglect and unfair treatment of our Veterans during their service in WWII.

The Program: The Agreement recognizes the wrongs WWII Veterans experienced upon their return to Canada. Many of our Métis Veterans were systemically discriminated against by Veterans Affairs Canada. They did not receive the same supports, resources or benefits promised to them that were routinely given to other non-Métis Veterans, which included an economic foundation to re-build their lives upon returning home.  As a result, the Métis Veterans Legacy Program (MVLP) was established and provides for qualified WWII Veterans to receive compensation for their pre- and post-war experiences.

The Métis Nation Veterans Legacy Program has two objectives:

    1. To recognize, through individual Recognition Payments, Second World War Métis Veteran’s pre- and post-war experiences that may have negatively impacted their demobilization success; and
    2. To support commemorative initiatives through the Commemoration Program that promotes awareness and appreciation of our Métis Veterans’ sacrifices and contributions throughout the Métis Nation and all of Canada.

The Program is comprised of three phases:

Phase I:  As very few of the Second World War Métis Veterans are still living, Minister Chartrand has initiated Phase I of a campaign throughout the Métis Homeland to identify our living WWII Métis Veterans.  Recognition Payments directly to our WWII Métis Veterans commenced immediately upon signing the agreement with Canada and we will continue to present payments to our WWII Veterans as they become known to us.  

Phase II:  It was important to the Minister that consideration should be given to the families of Veterans we lost during the period of negotiation.  Phase II provides the full Recognition Payment of $20,000 for the spouses and common-law partners of deceased Métis Veterans.

In addition, should the spouse or common-law partner have also passed, the surviving children of those Veterans that we have lost after January 1, 2016 are entitled to receive equal portions of the $20,000 Recognition Payment. 

For reference, the agreement between the First Nations and Canada included a timeframe where the surviving families of those First Nations Veterans that had passed within one-year prior were eligible to receive the Recognition Payment on behalf of their loved one.  

Phase III:  The Commemoration Program comprises the third phase of the MVLP which is currently under development and is expected to be launched in August 2020. The intent of the Commemoration Program is to keep the Second World War Métis Veterans’ legacy alive by promoting awareness and appreciation amongst Métis and the Canadian public of their achievements and sacrifices for generations to come. It will support the work that Métis communities have traditionally undertaken to honor our Veterans such as the erection of monuments and ceremonies as well as undertake new initiatives. Grassroots consultations with Métis Nation citizens will assist in identifying the scope and eligibility requirements of these initiatives as we further develop the Commemoration Program.

Veterans are required to provide evidence of their Second World War service, and proof they are Métis. A Métis Veteran qualifies if he /she served in the Canadian Armed Forces (or any allied Force of Canada) in any capacity during the Second World War- and specifically the period between September 1, 1939, and April 1, 1947, (both dates inclusive).  Payment will be  presented as soon as possible after confirmation that these criteria have been met.

A one-time payment of $20,000 will be given to each living Second World War Métis Veteran.   

So many of our Second World War Métis Veterans have passed, and very few are still living.  Time is of the essence to identify those living and present them with their Recognition Payment as soon as possible. The Recognition Payments have already begun and twenty-three (23) of our Métis Veterans have received their payments to date.  

A Métis Veteran`s surviving spouse or common-law partner or child (ren) may qualify for all or part of a Recognition Payment if they:

    • provide evidence of their connection to a qualified Métis Second World War Veteran (marriage certificate, birth certificate, evidence of common-law relationship)
    • provide evidence of the Métis Veteran`s Second World War service
    • provide proof of the Métis Veteran`s Métis ancestry
    • provide proof of the Métis Veteran`s death on or after January 1, 2016 ( Children)
    • provide proof of the Métis Veteran`s death  ( Spouse and Common-Law Partner)
    • provide proof of living together at the time of Métis Veteran`s death ( Spouse and Common –Law Partner)

While the Métis Nation has always honoured our Métis Veterans and hold them in the highest regard across the Métis Homeland, their honour, contributions and sacrifices are largely unknown throughout the rest of Canada.  The intent of the Commemoration Program is to keep their legacy alive by promoting awareness and appreciation amongst Métis and the Canadian public of Second World War Métis Veterans achievements and sacrifices for generations to come. 

It has always been the priority of the Métis National Council to have our grassroots Métis Citizens provide input and guidance in the design and implementation of important initiatives such as the Métis Veterans Legacy Program.  The Métis National Council will enter into a phase of consultations throughout the homeland for the purpose of design, scope and eligibility requirements as we structure the Commemoration Program.  

Traditionally, consultations would consist of in-person community meetings, which always includes tea and bannock, music and dancing, celebrating our Elders, Veterans and Youth and the opportunity to share stories and experiences with each other.  

Unfortunately, as the face of the world is forever changing due to the impacts of COVID-19, our team is tasked with developing innovative ways to reach out to our Citizens and conduct consultations while adhering to the strict safety protocols of COVID-19.  Further information will be announced in the near future as we develop the appropriate consultation tools and methods for consultations. 

Information will be continuously updated and provided via our website and we encourage everyone to check for updates.  Inquiries can be made to the Métis National Council at Tel:  (613) 232-3216 ext. 532, Toll-Free: (800) 928-6330 ext. 532 or email

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