Métis Nation Second World War Hero’s spouse to receive Recognition Payment in St. Laurent Manitoba

August 17, 2020 – St. Laurent, MB

On August 17, 2020, WWII Métis Veteran Frank Joseph Bruce’s spouse Marcelline Bruce will receive thanks from the Métis Nation and inheritance of $20,000. Métis National Council (MNC) Minister responsible for Veterans David Chartrand will personally present the recognition payment at the Grand Opening of the Frank Bruce Métis Seniors Complex in St. Laurent.

The $20,000 Recognition Payment is part of the Métis Veterans Legacy Program that was established in partnership with the Trudeau government to commemorate forgotten Métis soldiers. Mrs. Bruce will be the first spouse to receive the Recognition Payment since Métis Nation Veterans Minister Chartrand announced on June 29, 2020 that the policy is now inclusive of all surviving spouses and common-law partners of Métis Nation WWII Veterans regardless of when their loved one passed.

“It was important to ensure that our WWII Métis Veterans that did not live to see our Métis Veterans take their rightful place in Canadian history still be honoured and respected for their sacrifices in protecting freedom and liberty.” States Minister David Chartrand. “At the age of 17, Frank Bruce was the youngest of four brothers that went over seas during WWII. Everyone in the community of St. Laurent rejoiced that all brothers returned home safe.”

“It is my honour to present to Madame Bruce, our very first spouse to receive her inheritance, on the auspicious occasion of the naming of the newly constructed Métis Seniors Complex in St. Laurent, MB.” The Manitoba Métis Federation President and Cabinet announces today the 10- unit seniors complex is being named after WWII Veteran Frank Bruce as part of an ongoing provincial housing strategy that provides affordable housing for Métis seniors throughout the province. Veteran Frank Bruce was born and raised in St. Laurent, MB and was an upstanding supportive community member before and after his return from WWII.

“My Cabinet and I are honoured to name the complex after Veteran Bruce, not only because of all of his contributions to the community through out his lifetime, but also as a WWII Veteran who represents his brothers and sisters in arms.” States Chartrand. “To honour one Métis Veteran, you honour them all.”

Veteran Frank Bruce was born on September 17, 1925, and he passed away on December 10, 2001. He was Sub-Lieutenant and he served as a minesweeper in the navy on HMCS Minas during the war. He was awarded the France-Germany Star, War Medal 1939-1945 Campaign Medal and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.

Veteran Bruce had started a fishing business at the age of 14 and after the war he led a group of fishermen to form the Fisherman’s Co-op. He was passionate about sailing and coached minor baseball for many years.

Veteran Bruce volunteered on numerous boards in St. Laurent; however, he had a passion for the St. Laurent Recreation Co-op Board. While on the board, he was one of the main drivers in getting a hockey arena built. He personally went to the municipal council on numerous occasions requesting a resolution in support of the project. The request was denied many times; however, he persisted and finally got the approval so the board could move ahead with the arena project.

Veteran Bruce would spend the summer months getting contracts from farmers to clean sugar beets. It was hard work but it ended up being great memories for all his children as they would all work together and have picnics prepared by their mother. Veteran Bruce and wife Marcelline taught all their children to work hard and to be thankful for what they had. Marcelline and Veteran Bruce have 32 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. To this day, Marcelline never forgets a birthday, even if it’s just a phone call.

“Our Heroes Today, Tomorrow and Forever”


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