Commission of the Métis Veterans Legacy Program – Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 8, 2021, Winnipeg, MB – Today, David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation, Minister of Veterans Affairs, and Spokesperson for the Métis National Council,  announced the appointees to the Commission of the Métis Veterans Legacy Program (MVLP):

  • Jim Durocher (Elder), Ile a la Crosse, SK
  • Jack Park, Chair, Winnipeg, MB
  • Alex Maurice, Beauval, SK
  • Ted Mitchell, Dryden, ON
  • Dave Armitt, Comox, BC

The Commission was chosen following an open, transparent, and merit-based selection  process. The Métis National Council ensured that the Commission included Métis Veterans and Métis Elders, all outstanding Métis citizens.

The Commission exists to support the overall objectives of the MVLP, with the following four  specific responsibilities set out in their Terms of Reference:

  • MVLP Commemoration Project approvals;
  • Establishing and providing oversight related to a National Métis Veterans advocacy  body;
  • Representing the Minister and/or the Commission at official functions, as requested by  the Minister; and
  • MVLP Recognition Payment appeals.

The MVLP Commemorative Program was announced on February 22nd, 2021. Since then,  several inquiries from Métis citizens and others have come forward regarding the Program and  its criteria. Applications from Métis citizens and others have already been submitted,  requesting funding for commemorative initiatives focused on preserving the legacy of Métis  Nation Veterans.

The Commission will provide continued support through the Commemorative Program to Métis  Veterans, acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions, by promoting awareness and  appreciation across the Métis Nation and all of Canada.

On June 17th and 18th, 2021, the MVLP officially inaugurated all members of the newly  established MVLP Commission. Establishment of the Commission represents the final phase of  the MVLP, putting it into full operations. The newly appointed Commissioners were provided  training and orientation to give the Commission tools to establish its credibility, accountability,  and integrity to function. They will make an announcement on the first Métis Veterans Legacy  Program Commemorative Project soon.

This Commission is the first of its kind for the Métis Nation and gives honour to its Veterans.  For too long Métis Veterans were neglected and forgotten, failing to receive the respect they so  rightfully deserve as Canadian heroes. The Commission will work with those in the Métis Nation  who hold Veterans in the highest regard, finally able to show their respect. Many Métis  communities across Canada saw young Métis men and women leave to serve. They will now be  recognized through initiatives across the Métis Homeland.

The MVLP Commission will be tasked to support Métis Veterans as the Nation embarks on  recognizing the role Métis Veterans played in World War II and other theatres of war. Work by  the Commission will begin immediately, working together with the MVLP to maintain the legacy  of our Métis Veterans.

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“It is with great pleasure that I announce and congratulate the very first members who will act  as the Commission for the Métis Veterans Legacy Program. I am confident that they will play a  key and guiding role in supporting community efforts across the Métis Homeland to honour our veterans.” 

— David Chartrand, President and Minister of Veterans Affairs, Métis National Council

“As a Métis Veteran, it is an honour and a privilege to serve as the Chair of the first Métis  Veterans Legacy Program Commission. Along with my fellow Commissioners, I accept this  responsibility and duty with humility and great pride as we work to honour fellow Métis  Veterans across the Métis Homeland.”  

— Jack Park, Chair, Métis Veterans Legacy Program Commission

“Our heroes today, tomorrow, and forever.” 

– 30 –

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Office of the President, Manitoba Metis Federation

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