The Commission

The Commission

John (Jack) Gordon Park – Commission Chair

Jack was born and raised into Military Life as his father served for 33 Years in the Canadian Armed Forces in various locations across Canada. His father served in the Second World War, Korean War, and the Cyprus Conflict. 

Jack joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1976 and served in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Borden, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Petawawa, and Ontario. Serving as a Supply Technician, it was uncommon to come right out of basic and trades training to be posted to the most prestigious Regiment in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton and Petawawa. Jack served for 3.5 years and finished his 5-year military Career in 1981 in Cold Lake, Alberta. 

During his career he has travelled to such places as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he earned his American Parachutist Wings with the 82nd Airborne Division. In 2012, Jack was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal from the National Metis Veteran’s Association. 

Jack is currently the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, of the Manitoba Metis Federation Cabinet as well as the Chairman of Metis N4 Construction. Jack also sits as a Committee Member on the MMF Finance Committee, Committee Member of the Strategic Planning Committee, Member of the Executive Committee, Vice Chair of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation and most recently appointed to the Metis Veterans Legacy Program Commission as the Chairman. Jack is very proud to be granted this position as he now rejoins his Retired Metis Military Comrades in ensuring that our Veterans get the much deserved and long overdue respect.

Jim Durocher

Jim Durocher is a Metis and Cree Elder. He is a nationally recognized authority regarding Metis rights and an experienced critic of political policies to ensure advancement of Metis peoples. As a fluent Cree and Michif speaker, he carries cores principles of Metis culture and traditional knowledge in his life work. 

His political experiences first started as an elected official with the Association of Metis and Non-Status Indians that led to his election as the President of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan including an interim posting as President of the Metis National Council. Throughout this time, he was part of leading Canada to a position of acknowledgment of the importance of Metis people including the Constitution, Accords and Agreements with all levels of governments.

Jim currently serves as the President of the A La Baie Metis in Sakitawak territory, Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan.

David Armitt

David Armitt was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He joined the Regular Forces as a Combat Engineer on November 10, 1976, with the Royal Canadian Engineers.  He retired as a Master Warrant Officer on September 30, 1997. David served in the Canadian Armed Forces in Petawawa, Chilliwack, and Edmonton and overseas in Pakistan and Cambodia.

Post service, David was a Landmine and Explosives Ordnance clearance consultant to the United Nations and Non-Government Organizations. He advised on all aspects of Explosive Remnants of War. David is a member of the Canadian Airborne Association (Life Member) and Canadian Military Engineering Association. He currently volunteers with, and serves as, the Chairperson of the Metis Veterans of British Columbia Committee for Metis Nation British Columbia.

Alex Maurice

Alex is a resident of Beauval, a small Metis community in Saskatchewan.

Alex served in the Infantry, and successfully completed several basic and advanced level courses within Canada, U.S.A., Australia, and Cyprus. He was then promoted on an advanced basis. Alex was a Corporal within 18 months, Master Corporal within 3 years, and Sergeant after 6 years. He earned the silver, golden, and diamond jubilee (United Nations Peacekeeping Award) twice, and Centennial Medals for his service. He also received the Minister of Veteran’s Affairs Commendation pin after he left the military. 

He has trained soldiers in Wainwright, Alberta, and Officer Cadets in Gagetown, New Brunswick. Alex is a qualified Paratrooper with the Canadian and American Jump Wings and obtained his Ranger Tab.

Alex is a private consultant specializing in Aboriginal Business/Financial Planning and Development and has held the position as a First Nations Band Manager.

Ted Mitchell

Ted has a strong military family history and currently holds the rank of Captain and is an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces serving with the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service subcomponent of the Reserve Force. 

Ted is a proud member of the Metis Nation of Ontario and currently resides within Region One, home of The Northwestern Ontario Metis Community in Dryden. He traces his ancestry to the Georgian Bay Historic Métis Community of Penetanguishene and the migration from Drummond Island. He participates in Annual General Assemblies, Town Halls, and engages with Land, Resources and Consultations branch for several projects in development across the region. 

In February 2021 Ted joined the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council. Ted is currently employed by Dryden High School where he teaches biology, drama, leadership and a number of other courses.

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