Historical and Legal Recognition of Métis Rights

Emergence and Evolution of the Metis Nation

The booklet chronicles the milestones in the history of the Métis people and nation from the early fur trade era to the contemporary period of reconciliation.

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A Matter of National and
Constitutional Import

This report by Thomas Isaac  the Minister’s Special Representative (MSR) on Reconciliation with Métis, addresses his mandate to meet with the Métis National Council, its Governing Members, the Métis Settlements General Council, and provincial and territorial governments to map out a process for dialogue on Section 35 Métis rights. The mandate also directed  the MSR to engage with the Manitoba Metis Federation to explore ways to advance dialogue on reconciliation with Métis in Manitoba in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2013 Manitoba Metis Federation decision.

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Contemporary Action on Reconciliation and Self-Government

Permanent Bilateral Mechanism 2016-19

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party unveils a bold Métis Nation policy during the 2015 federal election campaign. The plan commits the Liberals to negotiate a settlement of the outstanding land claim of the Manitoba Métis self-government and self-government agreements with the MNC Governing Members.

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